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United Nations holds summit to discuss Millenium Development Goals

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals concluded with the adoption of a global action plan to achieve the eight anti-poverty goals by their 2015 target date and the announcement of major new commitments for women's and children's health and other initiatives against poverty, hunger and disease. 
  • In 1990, 62% of the world’s poor people lived in just two countries, China and India
  • A dramatic fall in China’s poverty rate, from 60% to 16%, has therefore had a big impact on global poverty, which seems set to meet its 2015 target. But that is small comfort to the poor in many other countries where poverty has barely budged
  • Goals such as those involving primary enrollment and reductions in child mortality are unlikely to be met, though some, such as access to clean drinking water, are likely to be exceeded.



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