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The Intellectual Property Crackdown Begins

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden and Copyright Czarina Victoria Espinel announced a 33-point plan called the “Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement” to crack down on copyright infringement in the U.S. Among the points mentioned were recommendations to start cooperating with foreign governments to go after foreign-based pirate websites.

"To state it very bluntly, piracy hurts. It hurts our economy, our health and our safety...We want to make sure that these countries know we want these sites shut down," Biden said. "We are going to shine a light. If these sites are operating openly in a country that is not taking action...we can make it very public and shine a light on rogue actors. It's the government's responsibility to respond."

Disturbingly, this plan is proposed as a blanket measure for all forms of intellectual property. Not just in the entertainment industry. Manufacturers of tires, airplane parts, pharmaceutical products, and even Kevlar vests cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year and phony products can prove fatal.

"This is not just about the new 'Robin Hood' movie," Biden said. "It's not just about creative talent...It's about whether a Kevlar [bulletproof] vest we are putting on some guy and whether it works or not."


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