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Freescale CEO: 'Connected intelligence' beating recession

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At a Technology Forum in Portland, Oregon, Freescale CEO Richard Beyer predicted that the recession will continue to fade by virtue of the commercial success of what he called "connected intelligence."

"Just as the PC industry helped pull us out of the recession of the 1980s, today the era of 'connected intelligence' will continue to help pull us out of the current recession, including, of course, smartphones but also wireless devices of all types, both mobile and automotive."

According to Beyer, new capabilities in device-to-device and device-to-infrastructure connectivity are offering new types of services and entertainment that add up to connected intelligence, which he claimed will continue to help pull the world out of the current recession.

"By 2014, more people will access the web with mobile devices than with traditional PCs," said Beyer. "And the wireless device capabilities that were previously performed on individual devices, are now converging on single devices, such as smartphones."

Beyer also acknowledged that some single-use devices are better off left single-use, such as eReaders. However improvements in performance are allowing more realistic book like features, such as animations that show pages turning, like a real book, rather than just popping-up like a web page.



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