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The Intellectual Property Crackdown Begins

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vice President Joe Biden and Copyright Czarina Victoria Espinel announced a 33-point plan called the “Joint Strategic Plan on Intellectual Property Enforcement” to crack down on copyright infringement in the U.S. Among the points mentioned were recommendations to start cooperating with foreign governments to go after foreign-based pirate websites.

"To state it very bluntly, piracy hurts. It hurts our economy, our health and our safety...We want to make sure that these countries know we want these sites shut down," Biden said. "We are going to shine a light. If these sites are operating openly in a country that is not taking action...we can make it very public and shine a light on rogue actors. It's the government's responsibility to respond."

Disturbingly, this plan is proposed as a blanket measure for all forms of intellectual property. Not just in the entertainment industry. Manufacturers of tires, airplane parts, pharmaceutical products, and even Kevlar vests cost the U.S. economy billions of dollars every year and phony products can prove fatal.

"This is not just about the new 'Robin Hood' movie," Biden said. "It's not just about creative talent...It's about whether a Kevlar [bulletproof] vest we are putting on some guy and whether it works or not."

Wall Street's Psychology: Market Cycles

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

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Path of Wiresless Data

'Net Usage

U.S. companies optimistic about Q2 numbers

Monday, June 28, 2010

With the second quarter coming to a close, companies in the S&P 500 are much more optimistic than normal. It is another reminder that U.S. corporations have come through the crisis relatively strong, with solid balance sheets and efficient operations.

The number of companies that have said their earnings will be worse than expected is only slightly higher than companies that have said they are doing better than investors believe. The current ratio of negative to positive is 1.2, while the long-term average is 2.1, meaning in a normal quarter, twice the number of companies deliver bad news than good.


Freescale CEO: 'Connected intelligence' beating recession

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

At a Technology Forum in Portland, Oregon, Freescale CEO Richard Beyer predicted that the recession will continue to fade by virtue of the commercial success of what he called "connected intelligence."

"Just as the PC industry helped pull us out of the recession of the 1980s, today the era of 'connected intelligence' will continue to help pull us out of the current recession, including, of course, smartphones but also wireless devices of all types, both mobile and automotive."

According to Beyer, new capabilities in device-to-device and device-to-infrastructure connectivity are offering new types of services and entertainment that add up to connected intelligence, which he claimed will continue to help pull the world out of the current recession.

"By 2014, more people will access the web with mobile devices than with traditional PCs," said Beyer. "And the wireless device capabilities that were previously performed on individual devices, are now converging on single devices, such as smartphones."

Beyer also acknowledged that some single-use devices are better off left single-use, such as eReaders. However improvements in performance are allowing more realistic book like features, such as animations that show pages turning, like a real book, rather than just popping-up like a web page.


San Francisco Migration Patterns

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Black lines represent people moving in
Red lines represent people moving out

Social Media and the Fortune 100

Monday, June 14, 2010

  • 65% of the Fortune 100 companies own a Twitter corporate account. 
  • About half of the companies own a Facebook page and/or YouTube channel. 
  • Blogs are less well received with only one-third adopting content strategy, with a low average of 7 post per month published.
Penn Olson

San Francisco: Most Educated U.S. City

Thursday, June 10, 2010

According to data from the US Census Bureau, San Francisco has more people with bachelors' or graduate degrees per square mile than any other city.

Who owns music?

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Of the twenty hours a week that an average American spends listening to music, only three of it is stuff you own. The rest is radio.

-Tim Westergren, the founder of Pandora

San Francisco's Crime Rate as a Topographical Map

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thursday, June 3, 2010

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Has the city of Santa Cruz hit bottom yet?

Mike Bethke, a local businessman and community advocate, said it seems like the city is at a low point. He likened it to a 12-step program, where a drug addict gets so far down he finally seeks help.

Here is a rundown of some of the crimes that have recently taken place  in Santa Cruz:
  • Anarchist rioters smashed up mom-and-pop businesses on Pacific Avenue cuasing more than $100,000 in damage
  • Vandals spray-painted tags around a city block downtown
  •  Someone sliced the brake lines on a UC Santa Cruz biology researcher's vehicle
  • A methamphetamine dealer was gunned down during a drug deal along Branciforte Creek 
  • A Santa Cruz High School graduate was gunned down by gang members in a neighborhood park
  • Four of the city's past six homicides were gang-related and all taking the lives of men ages 16-20  
Santa Cruz police have started a collaboration with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement National Gang Unit to investigate gang crime in the city less than a month ago. A thirty year old Salvadoran national, Jose Abrego-Galdamez suspected of being a high-ranking member of the violent street gang Mara Salvatrucha (MS13) was arrested and likely will be deported. At least two killings are blamed on the MS-13. He is the first suspected gang member to be arrested through the new partnership.
San Jose Merucry


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