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Disagreements continue in Menlo Park over high speed rail

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

An afternoon community meeting in Menlo Park with California High-Speed Rail Authority officials became heated after residents decided they weren't getting clear answers about the bullet train's proposed route through their city. About 100 residents gathered in council chambers to discuss the feasibility of different alignments for the Peninsula portion of the planned $45 billion San Francisco-to-Los Angeles line. But after rail authority representatives displayed barely visible slides of possible elevated, at-grade and below-ground options for routes through Menlo Park and Atherton, many residents became incensed and angrily peppered the officials with questions.

The San Jose-to-San Francisco portion must win environmental approval by fall 2011 to be eligible for a slice of the $2.25 billion in federal stimulus funding for the project.

Several audience members urged listeners to consider stopping the bullet trains in San Jose, an issue that became a hot topic at a similar meeting in Palo Alto last week. Opting to stop the trains in San Jose would probably end the entire project because the voter-approved $9.9 billion bond measure passed in November 2008 spoke of a station in downtown San Francisco.

That alternative "really means no high-speed train at all statewide.

Via Inside Bay Area


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