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U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown on the 'Digital Arms Race'

Monday, April 20, 2009

At the Digital Britain summit, PM Gordon Brown speaks out on importance of fast broadband for all

Gordon Brown has called for "UK content for UK users" backed up by a universally available super-fast broadband network at this week's Digital Britain summit. In turn, Lord Carter, speaking to a panel of top industry and government execs from China, Japan and across the world, noted that we are competing in what he referred to as a "digital arms race" with both Western and Far East economies The Prime Minister is keen to give his support to the creative industries, including film, TV, radio and publishing, noting that these industries need investment and legal support to protect their valuable intellectual properties.

Global creative industries cabinet

Culture Secretary Andy Burnham announced he is set to chair a global creative industries "cabinet" in October to look at new ways in which the government can assist with IP protection in more depth. Business secretary Peter Mandelson added that: "Broadband is not just going to underwrite the communications industry. It will redefine the productivity and competitiveness of UK companies for decades to come."


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